Dudley Farm

18730 W. Newberry Rd.

An authentic working farm since the 1850s.¬†The Dudley Farm holds¬†significance at the local and state level under in the areas of Agriculture and Architecture. Comprised of a complex of twenty-one buildings, thirteen structures, one cultural landscape, it is an excellent example of a 19th – 20th century Florida farm that remains virtually intact. Original fields and sections of old roads lie within the nomination boundary. The resources, constructed between 1859 and 1946, are in good condition, and individually, and as a complex, represent one of Florida’s premier rural historic farms. The agricultural history of the farm closely reflects the practices and agricultural changes of the region. Cotton was supplanted by cattle and tobacco as the main cash crop by the turn of the 20th century. Various livestock and fowl were grown, and crop diversity and rotation were practiced. Agricultural activity continued until the 1980s.

Dudley Farm is a National Register of Historic Places.

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