Liberty Hill Schoolhouse

7600 NW 23rd Ave. Gainesville, FL

Liberty Hill Schoolhouse is on the list of Florida’s Historic Black Public Schools and was established in 1875, historically significant for its 110-year association with education and for its importance to the cultural heritage of the African American community in Gainesville. The present building, constructed by the Alachua County School Board in 1892, replaced an earlier Liberty Hill School, first mentioned as a school for black children in the county school records in 1869. The building is also significant at the local level under Criterion C as an excellent example of a one-room schoolhouse. The only one-room schoolhouse in the county still on its original site, served generations of African American pupils from primary to sixth or seventh grade until it was closed by the school board in the early 1950s. The simple, vernacular wood frame structure, which has been used for storage since then, is fairly well preserved.

Liberty School House is a National Register of Historic Places

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