Floyd Hall

Floyd Hall, Gainesville, FL

Floyd Hall is historically significant in the development of the University of Florida^as 9. center for agriculture studies, indicating the continued commitment of state government to expanded agriculture education.

While the University had maintained an agriculture experimental station since 1906 and had constructed a building (Newell Hall) to house the station in 1910, demand for agriculture education soon threatened to expand beyond the capacity of existing facilities. The Board of Control therefore made plans to construct another agriculture building and awarded the construction contract in January 1912. The new facility called the Agriculture College Building, was opened in September of the same year.

The structured first story was finished as classroom and office space for the departments of agronomy and animal husbandry. The second story was used as an assembly room and chapel, functions which it served until 1918, 2 when the Student’s Army Training Corps (S.A.T.C.) had the floor space partitioned into classrooms.

Floyd Hall served as the College of Agriculture for many years. It has come to house the classrooms, offices, and laboratories of the Department of Geology in recent years.

Floyd Hall is a National Register of Historic Places

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